Urban Biorefinery

Globally less than 2% organic waste from cities is valorised.
Waste that should get a second life.
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Wasted coffee grounds: 45 million kg/year.
Wasted bread: 69 million kg/year.
Wasted orange peels: 96 million kg/year.

Wasted coffee grounds: 45 million kg/year.
Wasted bread: 69 million kg/year.
Wasted orange peels: 96 million kg/year.

What a waste.

The amount of organic waste in Flanders per year is enormous, requiring a bold plan to tackle this challenge of turning waste into something new and useful. But ask any green scientist and they’ll tell you: organic waste makes good nutrient-rich compost. The perfect substrate for growing new and innovative ideas.

What if we can turn these waste streams into new circular business opportunities? What if this could be the beginning of a new circular bio-economy ecosystem by going beyond the status quo? Urban Biorefinery is our plan to turn this city waste into valuable resources and new opportunities.

We want you to take part in this challenge!

Brussels Beer project

Together with project partners SUEZ Belgium and IVAGO, and supporting partners city of Ghent, Ghent University association and Flanders circular, GLIMPS.bio calls for pioneers, researchers and entrepreneurs with a plan to step up and take part in solving this challenge for the city of Ghent.

A plan that really means business. From coffee grounds to circular cosmetics, soap and materials, from orange peels to oil and antioxidants and from bread waste to Belgian ales and new sorts of bread. These are just some of the examples that can be scaled industrially and create big impact. We want to help circular pioneers to make this happen.

We offer you a two-day hackathon & 6 month accelerator program during which we offer entrepreneurs & researchers the right tools and support to develop their circular business ideas. We teach you how to perform a market analysis, set up a proof of concept and work on a business model for your idea to reuse organic waste. In the end the best ideas will be scaled.

October 2020

Two day hackaton for researchers and entrepreneurs. Open for all experts in the domain.

Matchmaking + idea generation

November 2020 - January 2021

From market research till first proof of concept/MVP. Pitch in front of jury + prize for best pitch.

Start accelerator for selected teams

February - April 2021

Working towards business plan. Final pitch in front of investors and broad audience. Winner selection.

Scaling trajectory for 3 winning teams

But there is more to it than that.

This project is all about connecting, collaborating and matchmaking. We believe that connecting chains in the circular cycle is key for making the circular economy fly. Our unique take on accelerating business ideas and creating impact is to focus on the whole.

From existing companies with expertise in logistics and specific technologies, to social economy and new start-ups: we connect them all and foster the right ecosystem to make this work. We help you to find your spot in this ecosystem.

First up

The Urban Biorefinery hackathon

19-20 October 2020
Duivelsteen, Ghent.

During the two-day hackathon - the official kick-off of the Urban Biorefinery accelerator - we want to help you to come up with as many solutions as possible for used coffee grounds, bread waste, orange peels or other important organic waste streams.

Are you an entrepreneur/researcher/pioneer with an idea for valorizing used coffee grounds and bread waste? Are you interested in making your product more circular? Or are you passionate about the circular economy and motivated to join teams with existing ideas? Then join us at the 13th century old Duivelsteen castle in Ghent for the Urban Biorefinery hackathon.

During these two days, we want to (1) help you discover which role you can play in the circular coffee or bread cycle, (2) introduce you to the Urban Biorefinery community of motivated experts and like-minded pioneers and (3) help develop your plan for the 6 month accelerator program focused on re-using organic waste.

These two days are the perfect boost for your idea or personal ambition to become an impact entrepreneur and your first taste of how the Urban Biorefinery accelerator program works. Lunch and dinner are included. And best of all: it’s free of charge!

Are you that researcher or entrepreneur who wants to take action and start reducing organic waste in the city?

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Do you have questions about the program or are you interested as a company or organisation in joining our mission?

Reach out to Dimitri Strybos, project leader or check out the project two-pager for researchers and entrepreneurs.

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